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After almost ten years in the wedding and portrait world, we decided to trade in our busy weekends fluffing dresses, pinning on boutonnieres, and posing families in meadows to focus on our true passions - family, food and photos! We jumped out of our comfort zone and turned our sunroom into a little studio where we style and photograph delicious dishes for big food bloggers (which we still do - check out the list below) while we slowly build towards sharing some of our own favorite family recipes! 

We love easy, semi-homemade food that looks fabulous and fills the belly! Southern comfort food and desserts are our thing - we just happen to love styling our dishes with colorful, fun patterns! If you love a good box cake recipe or an easy family dinner, you’re our kind of people!

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Loves Parks & Rec, Harry Potter and PBS shows. Hopes to one day go on a Viking River cruise. Dances to “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller (a song her mom taught her to love) while cooking. Adores being a wife and mom but prays she does some of it right. Hustles too much, worries all the time, feels absolutely blessed, struggles with comparison, wishes people could just be kind, hopes to show gratefulness and love more often than not. Eats too many brownies.

Photographer | Recipe Developer | Food Stylist | Girl Boss


Also Loves Parks & Rec and Harry Potter but hates PBS shows. Loves hockey and football but thinks soccer is trash except for Ted Lasso. Canadian but loved living in Thailand. Situational Comedian. Amazing Husband, Incredible Dad. Avid podcast listener of true crime and sports radio. Plans to one day swim with great whites in South Africa. Eats pizza and Mexican food on the regular and has an irrational fear of his leg randomly breaking.

Image Editor | Head (and only) Dish Washer | Organizer of allllllll the things


Jonny & Jeanine


We are so thankful for our team members! Since our life basically revolves around her schedule, we refer to Maggie as our CEO. She is the light of our day and reminds us to smile, be joyful and put down work every so often! Jonny and Jeanine, the best Canadian grandparents ever, work tirelessly to help us research, test and write recipes that they themselves love and want to share with our readers! We are thankful to have them along for the ride! Jasper, our trusty Bagel (Beagle/Basset Hound), is always waiting eagerly to help clean up spilled ingredients and try out the newest recipe! Otherwise you will find him sleeping or chewing the aforementioned daughter’s toys.


CEO and World’s Cutest Boss


Recipe Research and Developers


Handy Taste Tester

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