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I love to work with brands, companies and other bloggers across all my platforms but please keep in mind that I only promote services and products that I love and use myself! I am happy to receive samples and try new products but I cannot guarantee that I will post about them on my blog or social media channels. I only share about things that make my life easier, taste amazing, make me look 10 years younger or 10 pounds skinner! Ha! 🙂

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Sweet Tea and Sprinkles Hello

I'm Rachel.

Photographer, Food Stylist and Recipe Developer behind all the colorful, yummy recipes you see here!

I’m a people-person who loves brownies, lives off dry shampoo, adores my little family of three and constantly tells myself I will go to bed early, start working out tomorrow and promises to one day drink more water than sweet tea! 

I don’t create culinary masterpieces but I can make a casserole and doctored up box cake recipe with the best of them! If you love easy, semi-homemade recipes that remind you of your favorite comfort foods and look like a million bucks, this is the place for you friend!

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