Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Craft

Author: Rachel

Published Date: December 2, 2023

As the holiday season sparkles around us, there’s nothing quite like counting down the days until Christmas with your little ones. The anticipation, the excitement, and the magic in their eyes – it’s what makes this time of year so special.

Celebrate the countdown to Christmas with our Christmas Tree Advent Calendar! A delightful free printable that adds festive joy to your daily countdown.
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To add an extra sprinkle of joy to your family’s countdown, we’ve created a delightful and interactive Christmas Tree Advent Calendar activity that’s perfect for kids!

This isn’t just any advent calendar. It’s a creative journey that combines the thrill of the countdown with a fun crafting experience.

We’re providing you with a free printable Christmas tree, adorned with numbers that represent the exciting “sleeps” left until Christmas Day. Each day, your kids will have the joy of gluing a colorful pom pom onto the tree, marking another day closer to the big celebration.

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By Christmas Eve, you’ll have a beautifully decorated, pom-pom-filled tree, brimming with the love and patience of your little ones.

But wait, there’s more! This activity isn’t just about decoration; it’s a wonderful way to engage your children in learning numbers and practicing their fine motor skills. It’s a holiday adventure that’s as educational as it is entertaining.

Materials You’ll Need For This Activity…

  • Good, thick cardstock (we recommend 200gsm+ / 110 Lb)
  • A printer – your home inkjet printer works fine
  • Colorful Pom Poms – Grab a mixed bag of sizes – I recommend the medium (1 in) and small poms (.5 in)! The BIG poms (1.5 in) are a bit too big for this printable.
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • (Optional) Additional decorative items like glitter or stickers
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How To Use The Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

1 – Download and Print The Christmas Tree Template: Start by downloading the free printable Christmas tree from our blog. It’s designed with kids in mind, featuring big, bold numbers and plenty of space for pom poms.

When it comes to printing the template, we recommend using sturdy paper or cardstock for durability, especially if you plan to display the tree throughout the season.

2 – Gather Your Materials: Grab all the materials you’ll need and keep them together in a container for easy access throughout the activity.

3 – Number Familiarization: Before starting, take a moment to go over the numbers on the tree with your child. This is a great opportunity to practice number recognition and counting skills.

4 – Daily Countdown Activity: Each day, help your child find the number that corresponds to the number of days left until Christmas. For example, if there are 20 days left until Christmas, find and decorate the number 20 on the tree.

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Apply glue or stick a piece of double-sided tape on the number and place a pom pom over it. Encourage your child to press down firmly.

5 – Add a Learning Element: Turn this fun activity into a mini learning session. Ask your child to name the color of the pom pom, count the pom poms on the tree, or even identify the numbers in order.

6 – Keep the Magic Going: Make this activity a special part of your daily routine. Perhaps each pom pom placement could be accompanied by a festive story or a song about Christmas.

7 – Show Off the Final Product: As Christmas Eve approaches, your tree will become more colorful and complete. Display it in a special place in your home to show off your child’s hard work and patience.

8 – Celebrate the Completion: On Christmas Eve, once the final pom pom is placed, celebrate the completion of the tree. This could be with a small treat, a special story, or simply by admiring the beautiful and festive tree your child has created.

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Tips For Parents

1 – Create a Daily Ritual

Make the advent calendar activity a part of your daily holiday routine. Choose a specific time each day, like after dinner or before bedtime, to add a new pom pom to the tree. This consistency turns the activity into a cherished ritual.

2 – Encourage Independence and Choice

Allow your child to choose the color of the pom pom each day. This simple choice fosters a sense of independence and decision-making.

3 – Involve Siblings and Family Members

If you have more than one child, encourage them to take turns or work together in choosing and placing the pom poms. It’s a great way to teach teamwork and sharing.

Involve other family members, like grandparents, by having them join in via a video call. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected and share the festive spirit.

4 – Customize the Experience

Feel free to add your own twist to the activity. You can include additional crafts, use different materials, or even create a story around the decorating process.=

5 – Document the Progress

Take photos of the tree as it fills up with pom poms. These pictures can be a lovely keepsake or used to create a festive photo album or a digital slideshow.

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Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Embrace the festivities with this fun and creative Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt, perfect for little ones eagerly counting down the days until Santa’s arrival!
Click the button below to access your FREE Printable.

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We’d love to see your Christmas Tree Advent Calendars in action, so please share your experiences or photos in the comments below or tag us on Facebook.

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  1. there is no link to download the Christmas tree advent calendar. plus it is not on FB blog???
    how do we get it to print it?

    1. Hi Sheryl! Thanks for your comment, there was a glitch on the backend of my site and the download button wasn’t populating correctly but it’s there now! 🙂 Enjoy!

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